WordPress Hosting and Website Speed: Understanding the Connection

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WordPress Hosting and Website Speed: Understanding the Connection

There’s more of a connection between WordPress hosting and website speed than you might expect. Read on and learn more here.

If you have a business in this day and age, one of the most important aspects is your website. If you don’t have a website, theoretically your business doesn’t even exist.

Starting a website from scratch has never been easier. All you have to do is purchase a domain and a buy hosting service. A lot of hosting companies also offer tons of other amenities to streamline your online experience.

Let’s learn all there is to know about important WordPress hosting services and options.

What Is Website Speed?

Beyond just owning a domain and creating a basic website, the quality and speed of your site is the second most important thing for attracting and creating trust with your current and future clientele.

Quite simply, the speed of your website is determined by how quickly your website fully loads on an internet browser. If your website is slow to load, people are more likely to click away and find an alternative business.

There are several causes to a slow-loading website. If you have large or bulky photos on your homepage, this can make all the components on your website not load at the same time, which can cause impatience and confusion for your website visitors.

Other causes of a slow website are having too many WordPress plug-ins, too much meta text, inadequate web hosting service, ineffective website design or code, or a clogged hosting server.

Website speed is also very important if your website has a store feature. Customers will not stick around to purchase something on a site that takes forever to load.

How Does Website Speed Affect Your Business?

Poor website speed can have a variety of negative effects on the success of your business. If you are a small business and you’re using your website as a digital business card, people will not be able to call or email you if your website loads too slowly.

On the other hand, if you are an e-commerce site and your business relies on customers finding your site through SEO, Google will not rank your site if your website has poor loading speed. Google considers the speed of your site to be very important and will only rank websites that have fast-loading pages.

You want your site to be as light and as quick as possible. This will make your site user-friendly, make sure people can get all the information they need when they visit a page, and will help your business’s reputation in the eyes of Google.

Why WordPress is the Best Platform for Building Your Website

WordPress is the most popular tool for building a website. WordPress is currently used by 65.2% of all known websites. It’s a popular choice because of its versatility and ease of use. Anyone can easily learn how to build and edit a website using WordPress. It is also free to use and is regularly updated for efficiency and capabilities.

WordPress has the capacity to create anything you want and the designs are endless. You can use preloaded themes, upload a purchased theme, or hire a developer to write code for a fully-customized website. The customizations in WordPress are practically infinite.

There is also a marketplace to download thousands of plug-ins that can make your website even more user-friendly.

Is Your WordPress Website Secure?

Just as important as the speed of your website, is the security. Most browsers will warn visitors when they visit an unsecured website. This means many users will not even open a website that is not secured.

The best way to find out if your website is secure is to check if there is an “https://” at the beginning of your website URL. The “S” in https means secure. It ensures that all the data that is uploaded or transferred through the website is encrypted and secure.

Your customers will never want to purchase anything or input any sort of personal information into a website that is not secure.

Why Your WordPress Hosting Service Is So Important

Choosing a company to host your website is an important step to launching your business. Not all web hosting services are created equal. You want to look for a company that offers fast and reliable hosting. You don’t want your website unexpectedly crashing or losing all your data.

When comparing hosting services, it’s a good idea to find out exactly how much traffic the server can handle. If you are trying to build an e-commerce empire, you will want your website to be able to accommodate thousands of users at one time. Most basic web hosting services do not cover this amount of traffic.

You may also want to choose a company that has excellent customer service. When your website unexpectedly crashes or you accidentally delete some code on your website, you want to be able to get answers fast. A phone line with 24/7 support is ideal.

Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

Some hosting companies do not offer WordPress Hosting. This means you will need to figure out how to upload WordPress yourself. This sounds easier said than done. The process of uploading WordPress may involve accessing the C-Panel and editing system settings. Yikes!

The easiest way to avoid this hassle is to connect with a hosting company that offers Managed WordPress Hosting. This means that WordPress is preloaded and ready to go.

Another feature to look for from your hosting company is automatic back-ups. This means that if you accidentally alter and damage the integrity of your website, your host can upload a previous, un-harmed version of your entire site.

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When creating a website, it’s important to begin on the right foot. Make sure to choose a powerful and reliable hosting service, preferably one that has Managed WordPress and great customer service.

If you are ready to start your new website right, contact us to help. We can help by hosting the fastest and most secure WordPress website to ensure your business is successful. We offer both Managed WordPress Hosting and Web Hosting.