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The professionals’ choice of web hosting platform. Focus on building your business. Leave the hosting to JWHost. 

A hosting partner To rely on

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We believe the more you need technology to fuel your business, the more you need expert, caring people to guide you through the process.

Simple, Easy to Use Hosting

We created our web hosting control panel with the aim of making it clean, simple and user-friendly. It will be familiar enough to those who have used other control panels, but puts user experience first. It does still include all the advanced features a tech minded person will ever need.

  • Manage everything from website files to cron jobs

  • Easy to use on any device, from desktop, tablet or mobile

  • Developed by web hosting, website developing experts

Our Sign Up Promise

Our promise starts the moment our knowledgeable staff guide you to the right technical solution; making sizing recommendations, and how you can protect your business with backups, redundancy and security. 

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Our Order Promise

Our team will work with you to secure your order and communicate with you throughout the build process to let you know how it’s going. Whatever environment YOU want – WordPress, Linux, VPS all managed, our team will set it up. 

Our Migration Promise

Our experts can migrate servers, applications, dedicated and virtual environments, and emails to our servers without disturbing the environment. This makes the whole process seamless and you won’t notice a thing.

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Our Security Promise

We work 24/7/365 to keep your servers and our network clear of security threats.

For further support, our care packages include state of the art security technology for your WordPress websites.


Our Help Promise

If any issues arise, our technicians will work quickly to solve the problem and will be your first contact. We’re available to interact the way you prefer – by phone or ticket. Customer service is one of the core pieces of our offering.

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Expert Web Hosting Support

Other hosting companies see support as a burden. At JWHost support is at the centre of everything we do.


We love getting to know our customers personally, and we’re with you every step of the way to help you grow your website and further better your business.

Get instant help with our fast live chat support, or switch to our support ticket system and pick up the answers at a time that’s convenient for you.


We can answer any question you have accurately and confidently. You’ll always speak with one of our team.

There’s no greater satisfaction than solving a complex challenge, and our support team comprises excellent problem solvers.


You’ll always receive support from the experts themselves, so you get all the benefits of a cohesive, efficient, and helpful team working to provide you with the best care.


We’ll tailor our support responses to meet your knowledge and experience no matter how much or how little you have. We speak your language.


Which hosting package is right for me?

The web hosting on this page is Linux-based and very versatile, able to run sites that are managed by WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, Magento and many more content management systems.