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Seen a domain name that’s cheaper? Congratulations – but remember to check the small print! There are no ‘hidden’ charges with JWHost.

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We’ve built such an amazing platform that we want to share it with as many of you as possible! So how would you like a free hosting plan, with a free CDN and no ads?

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All your DNS records can be controlled from My JWHost: from A and CNAME to TXT and SRV. Our nameservers use Google’s reliable global network to deliver quick responses.

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Start receiving email at your domain email addresses right away with 100 free 10 GB mailboxes. No need to spend time redirecting everything to another service provider.

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Other companies ask you to pay for two years’ registration on sign up – we don’t.

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It makes sense to move your domain to us to start saving straight away. Just enter your current domain to begin the fast and easy domain transfer process. It’s free to transfer UK domains.

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Domains Explained

Are you buying your first domain name? Here’s everything you need to know.

Domains FAQ

Find answers to some frequently asked questions about domains:

It’s fairly simple: our main business is web hosting so we don’t seek to make a huge profit on domain pricing. If you buy a domain from JWHost you’ll enjoy the service and (hopefully!) consider hosting your website with us.

There’s a couple of different ways:

UK domains (all domains that end .uk)

  1. Update the IPS Tag to STACK at the current host.
  2. Complete the transfer from the ‘Transfer a Domain’ option in your My JWHost account.

gTLD domains (ending in .com, .net, .org and most other domains)

  1. Ask your current domain provider for the domain name authorisation code.
  2. Log in to your account at My JWHost and click ‘Transfer a Domain’.
  3. Enter the domain name and click ‘Search’.
  4. Add the domain to your basket and complete checkout.
  5. An email will be sent to the email address listed as the admin contact.
  6. Follow the link in this email and approve the transfer by entering the authorisation code.
  7. Once authorised, the transfer will complete automatically within 5 days.

JWHost’s IPS tag is STACK. To transfer .uk domains you’ll need to enter this at your current host to process the transfer.

For many domain names we’ll add a free year to the renewal date when the domain is transferred to JWHost. To check if your domain names are eligible contact our Sales Team and they’ll let you know.

.uk domains are transferred instantly, so they’ll appear in your My JWHost account straight away.

.com, .net, .org and most other domains take 5-7 days to transfer. Your website and emails remain live during this time – this is just the time it takes the registry to process the transfer.

Head to Pending Domain Transfers within your My JWHost account. You may see a couple of different statuses:

Pending Owner Approval – In the case where an authorisation code (EPP) hasn’t been provided with the transfer of the domain, the registry will send an approval email to the admin email address. Follow the instructions in the email so the transfer can move to the next stage.

Pending Registry Approval – Once the domain transfer has been verified either by an authorisation code (EPP) or approval email then we must wait for final confirmation from the previous registrar. There isn’t anything you need to do. The transfer will complete usually within five to seven days.

When a transfer completes it’ll be removed from the Pending Domain Transfer page. You’ll then be able to manage it from the Manage Domains page.