My JWHost: A Friendly Control Panel

Tired of old-school, fussy control panels? My JWHost offers a simple and elegant alternative. Manage domains, websites, databases, email accounts, and more from our powerful, modern user interface.

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Created by Industry Experts

We wanted to be able to provide the best control panel for our customers. Decades of hosting experience combined with customer feedback and frustration using other control panels allowed us to create what we consider the best control panel around.

It’s super easy to use, enough so that an inexperienced user can understand it within minutes. We didn’t want users to be overwhelmed by too many options. Gone are the days when you spend twenty minutes looking for the one thing you need because it’s hidden away somewhere strange. It also had to be responsive and attractive. We find it really easy and user friendly, perfect for people with varying levels of experience.

My JWHost is easy to navigate, puts everyday tasks right at your fingertips and is supported by our team who are there to help you no matter how great or small the task.


All in One Place

My JWHost makes finding features super easy. Touch-focused icons, drop-down menus, a quick-add menu and a powerful search bar offer a range of options to get you where you need, fast. It makes managing your hosting easier than ever.

Our platform allows you to manage all your hosting from one place. It includes a complete file manager, SSH access, comprehensive statistics and logs, FTP and email account management, various one-click installs and more.

If you’re a WordPress user (which we are sure you are!), My JWHost includes many features in our WordPress Tools menu. You can create staging sites in one click, and manage users, themes, plugins and more with the click of a button.

Make sure you have secure access by setting-up two-factor authentication on logins and SSH access.

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Works Everywhere

You can manage and update your settings using any device no matter where you are in the world because our control panel is super fast and reliable. Whether you’re at a work convention or lying on a beach, it’s always there for you when you need it.

Our control panel menu adapts to your screen size and loads instantly. It all makes My JWHost a smooth seamless experience when you choose to switch devices.


Powerful File Manager

Our file manager is intuitive and mobile-friendly. It also looks really nice and user friendly. 

It also has a lot of hidden features. For example, your files are scanned for malware automatically and you’re alerted if any are present. It supports on-demand disk usage reports and global search for files/directories.

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One Click Apps

Choose from 70+ installs such as WordPress.

Cloud Hosting

Secure platform, no single point of failure, always super fast.

Expert Support

Ticket support from our UK in-house support team.


Scottish Shutters

We have worked with the team for a long time now, rebuilding websites and other parts of our online marketing effort. We’ve recently took advantage of moving all of our websites from various hosting providers to JWHost and I must say, the process has been so easy. It’s given me peace of mind that rather than having to wait to speak to a rep from our old hosting provider, which can sometimes take a while, I can just give the JWHost team a message and my issues are resolved straight away. I also have my websites on the care plan which has saved me a lot of time and money in changes to my web pages.

David Browne

Accountancy Learning

Using JWHost has been a breeze, the on boarding process was so simple – the team took care of practically everything! The interface is really easy to navigate, and with the website care plan I can ask for changes on any of my websites and they’re done usually same day! I much prefer JWHost to my old hosting provider – plus keeping everything with one team is a lot easier.

Prue Deane

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