WEBSITE CARE PACKAGE £35 or £75 pcm for eCommerce

  • Simple updates to website and landing pages
  • Site Speed Optimization
  • Keyword research & updating in RankMath SEO plugin as required
  • Daily backups to external storage (Amazon S3) with retention of a week. 

For many clients with whom we have separately built or worked on their websites where they have no one else, they work with we have a website care package plan.

Also included as standard is the continual monitoring that your site is alive to visitors known as uptime monitoring. We monitor uptime using two different pieces of software for peace of mind. This type of monitoring is constantly ongoing.

We will carry out weekly manual checks where we update all the website plug-ins, themes and WordPress to ensure your site is secure and verify that the daily backups of both the website and the database are stored safely on our off-site servers.
We are also monitoring your website security using the plugin WordFence.

Any issues notified to us by WordFence are dealt with promptly, making your website extra secure. WordFence includes an endpoint firewall and malware scanner that was built from the ground up to protect WordPress.

The Threat Defence Feed arms WordFence with the newest firewall rules, malware signatures and malicious IP addresses it needs to keep your website safe.

Rounded out by a suite of additional features, WordFence is the most comprehensive security option available. It is monitored daily by our team.
This plan does not include any out of hours work, this is charged at our usual Ad-Hoc rate if necessary.

As per the agreement of website management, this is your subscription plan to call us based on technical issues that are unforeseen that you wish to have in solving to keep your business digital space healthy & running.

However, we are unable to facilitate the cost based on if an external third party has made changes to the website without making aware or consulting Jumpworks Marketing Ltd which leads to issues affecting the website.

If your website is experiencing any issues or problems then please do report directly to Jumpworks Marketing Ltd via or by using your normal line of communication with Jumpworks Marketing Ltd such as in a Whatsapp group or the team member you commonly liaise with.

Jumpworks Marketing Ltd will do its best to solve your website problem in a prompt manner but can not guarantee that the website will be investigated outside of the opening hours of Jumpworks Marketing Ltd and or bank holidays and seasonal breaks. Please check the opening hours listed.

Jumpworks Marketing Ltd in some cases has to ask third party developers to also investigate issues such as software publishers and are not able to take responsibility for additional time to fix an issue raised by the customer.

Website management is unable to be taken out at the point of an issue found before a setup has been successfully completed and is not expected to be taken out after an issue needs to be resolved as Jumpworks Marketing Ltd will take no liability for issues caused before a subscription plan has been contracted.

Website management includes an increment of time up to 15 minutes of work by a member of the Jumpworks Marketing Ltd team which is recorded within our time management system. Increments are not able to be held, saved or used at a later date.

Difference in Care Plans

The website support plans have a different tier implemented as to how quickly we prioritise the case. We understand that businesses using eCommerce websites as the main business income are vital compared to websites without the component therefore the extra cost covers the urgency and complexity in handling and troubleshooting the issue to get the site running again if an issue arises. In some cases, we will ask businesses to still be on this tier despite if they are not using eCommerce if the business is still a vital part of the business with expectations being membership or booking system websites.