Website Tips: How Your Web Host Affects Your Website’s Speed

website hosting speed tips

Website Tips: How Your Web Host Affects Your Website’s Speed

Did you know your web host can affect your website’s speed? Follow these website tips to improve website performance via your provider now!

How long will your customer wait for your website to load before bouncing off to find another one? 7% of customers say that the page must load immediately or they are gone. And 20% say less than 3 seconds of load time is acceptable.

This might make you wonder what you can do to boost your website speed. Well, did you know that your web host can drastically affect your website’s performance? Read our website tips below to find out how the two are related.

Web Hosting and Website Speed

What exactly happens when you or someone else accesses your website? Your website is stored on servers that your web host uses. The server might be located in the same country as you, or maybe not.

Either way, every time someone types in your website name into a browser and accesses your website, their network pings the web host’s server where your website is located. The website information that’s stored on the server is then sent over to the browser.

Some other steps that your web host takes, are:

  • Execute thousands of interrelated codes to display a single website page
  • For database websites, running the databases is another task
  • Searching through multiple databases to retrieve the right website page
  • The web server has to serve up multiple files (images, CSS, Javascript)

That’s a simplified view of it, but you get the point. Doesn’t it make your mind boggle that all these tasks can take place in milliseconds and your website can get displayed in seconds?

But, if your web host isn’t set up properly or has some other issue, then that could delay your website from being displayed on a customer’s browser. Too much of a delay means that most customers don’t stick around to see your beautiful website or carefully curated content. That means you don’t get the necessary number of eyeballs on your website to make those sales or build those subscriber numbers.

In summary, there are many things you can do to improve your website speed and performance, but choosing a good web host is key.

What Influences Web Hosting Speed?

The factors that affect the speed of your computer are usually the same things that affect your web hosting speed. Just on a grander scale.

If you were wondering exactly what those parameters are, they are listed below:

Fast hard drive – Just like your computer needs a fast hard drive to boost loading speed, the same applies to the web hosting server. The faster the hard drives, the faster the loading speed of the server, and the better your website performance.

Location of various resources – You don’t want the various aspects of your website to be stored on separate servers or in different locations. If they are all located on the same web server, this can boost website speed greatly. If you are on shared web hosting, your website resources are likely located in many different places.

Dedicated resources – If you have a dedicated server plan, then your website will not be sharing resources and getting bogged down by other websites hosted on the same server. If website speed and performance are important to you, then avoid using shared hosting services. Pay the extra pounds to get your dedicated server.

Better package with enhanced resources – More advanced hosting plans come with enhanced resources like increased processing power, enhanced memory, and more. Each website host will outline this for you in their plan structure. When you choose the better package, you will notice a drastic improvement in your website speed.

Page Load Speed Is Important for Other Reasons

As we said earlier, there’s no point in spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on building a gorgeous website with all the trappings if you don’t pay attention to the website speed. If the website doesn’t load fast, your clients or potential leads are not going to see your website, no matter how pretty it is.

But there are other reasons you need to focus on page load speed (and ultimately your web host). When your website loads quickly, it is more easily accessible by search engines, as they can locate your website faster. It could potentially affect your search engine rankings.

In addition, if your website users can access your website faster, they are more likely to purchase their item and be on their way. If there are too many delays, this could result in them doubting their purchase and going offline to think about it. This means a potentially lost sale, as it’s likely they will completely forget about it and never come back.

You could use other tactics to boost conversion rates like emailing abandoned carts, that is, sending personalized notices to anyone who starts the purchase process, but never finishes. But what if that user never even gets to the purchase process? What if they were never able to access the website because it took too long to load?

If you are a global seller, then you will want an even better web host, because that will dictate how quickly and without issues users all over the world access your website.

Website Tips: Choose the Best Web Hosting

If you are a small business owner who already has a lot on your plate, then you might not spend much time choosing your web host. But this decision could make or break your sales this year and your long-term goals.

Ensure you take the time to read through the article above and use the website tips we have shared to choose a better web host. A business website requires many more features from its web host than a simple blogger does.

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