How to Choose the Best Website Hosting Service


How to Choose the Best Website Hosting Service

Are you in the market for a website hosting service for your business? Follow this guide on how to choose the best service for your needs.

All of the approximately 1.9 billion websites on the internet need a web host to get on the world wide web. A web host or website hosting service is a business that provides the technologies and platform for websites to build and maintain a site on the world wide web. Web hosts are what make sites and web pages available on the internet.

In an increasingly technological world, having an effective website is imperative to the success of your business. An integral part of having a functional website is finding the right web hosting service for your site. The web host you settle for is a crucial factor in determining your website’s speed and performance.

With the plethora of web hosting companies available today, picking the right one can be a real challenge. That’s why today, we’ll be highlighting a few tips to help you choose the right web hosting company for your site.

Check the Available Storage

The amount of storage space you need depends on the type of website you run. Remember, a website is essentially a collection of files on the internet. Web hosts provide storage space for these files and a platform for users to access them.

Before picking a web host, ensure it can provide enough storage space for your specific site. Simple websites like blogs don’t require much space. However, if your website is a media or file repository, you’ll probably need lots of space.

Your Expected Traffic

It’s important to check whether the web hosting service in question can match your expected traffic. It’s not uncommon for website hosting services to have caps on monthly traffic. This means the web host will only allow a certain amount of traffic every month.

In some cases, the hosting service will charge you a fee for any traffic above your limit. Read the fine print before picking a hosting service to ensure no limits on the amount of traffic your site can receive.

Check the Server Reliability and Uptime Guarantees

Some web hosting companies may not have the most reliable servers. This translates to plenty of site downtime, which is detrimental to your site in two ways. First, it means users can’t access your site, and second, it’s bad for SEO, and your SERP rank will plummet.

That said, it’s crucial to find a hosting service with a reliable server with little to no downtime. Look for hosting services with uptime guarantees for complete assurance. However, it’s worth noting that website hosting companies have different definitions of uptime.

That’s why you need to clearly read the hosting service’s policy and see exactly what they guarantee. Some services may guarantee 24/7 uptime but have certain periods when the site becomes dreadfully slow. The hosting provider still considers this as downtime.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

Check the Web Host’s Features

As mentioned earlier, there are many different types of web hosts. Once you decide the type of web host you want, the next thing is to find one with features specific to your needs. Some of these features include free SSDs, free domains, and web tools like Moodle compatibility.

That said, ensure the web features of the web host in question align with your particular needs. For instance, a hosting service with managed WordPress hosting will be invaluable for your WordPress site. Unlimited disk space and bandwidth are also excellent features you should look out for.

Check the Web Hosting Company’s Cost of Service

How much the hosting service costs shouldn’t be the primary factor that dictates your decision. However, it’s important to find a web hosting company whose charges are within your budget. That way, you don’t dent your bank account for a working website.

That said, it’s never a good idea to skimp on the web host service you settle for. Some web hosts may charge meager prices, but brace yourself for lots of downtimes, slow speeds, and cybersecurity attacks. However, that doesn’t mean that the more expensive the service is, the better it will be.

Find a website hosting service that charges a reasonable rate that’s within your budget. Ensure you do your research to find a service that gives bang for the buck.

Check the Control Panel Access

Some web hosting companies may have restrictions on the amount of access you have to the control panel. This limits how many adjustments and modifications you can make to your site. Most web hosts offer cPanel as the control panel to allow web admins to make site modifications when necessary.

It’s worth noting that the amount of control panel access that hosting services provide will suffice for most websites. However, if you want complete control, look for a hosting service that allows root service.

Look at the Web Host’s Security Feature

Did you know that security breaches cost businesses an average of $200,000 every year? As such, you need to find a web hosting service with a robust security setup for ultimate cybersecurity. A couple of security features you should look for in a hosting service include:

  • Network monitoring
  • Hardware security
  • Anti-malware features, including detection and removal
  • Secure access and backups

These are only a few of the many security features you should look for in a website hosting service. Security is especially important for websites containing sensitive information like user payment details and the likes. Security is something you can’t afford to overlook when choosing a web hosting service.

Choose the Right Website Hosting Service for Your Needs

There’s no shortage of website hosting services these days. The information above should help you find the best one for your website needs. Explore all your options, check reviews online and pick a web host you deem suitable for your site.

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