Website Hosting – 8 Signs You Need To Upgrade (You Won’t Believe Number 7!)

Is your website hosting package up to scratch and keeping your online business in top gear? You rightly want a website hosting platform that can quickly, safely, and securely load your site.

So how do you know if your need to upgrade your website hosting?

There are a few tell tail signs to look out for, which we will outline below.

1. Your Website Becomes Slow

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In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive online world, website speed is paramount.

There are ways to speed up a website, but sometimes it is simply the fact that your current hosting capabilities are not enough for your site size and traffic.

A slow website can directly affect your income, reputation, and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). In fact, site speed is one of Google’s metrics for determining the visibility of a site in search. The faster it is, the higher it will rank.

2. You’re Receiving High Levels of Traffic

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The volume of visitors to any website plays a big role in its performance.

If you have a high volume of website traffic and your hosting server cannot cope, it will throttle connections to make the site slower, costing you money.

Some hosting servers have a restricted bandwidth. The easiest way to describe bandwidth is the motorway leading to the content on your website, the more traffic on that motorway, the slower it gets. Most hosts will charge you an additional fee to add an extra ‘lane’ to that motorway.

But here at JWHost, all of our hosting packages feature unlimited bandwidth to make sure you are never punished for having too much traffic!

3. Frequent Downtime

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Did you know the average cost of downtime is £5,600 per minute? So, in the time it has taken to read this sentence, companies such as Amazon could lose more than £23,000.

Most small/medium business do not generate such a high level of income, but it’s a great example to show how every single second of downtime directly effects your bottom line.

Not only can it put a dent in your pocket, but your reputation too. Would you trust a company if their website is down every time you visit?

Some older systems use old-fashioned hardware such as HDD drives to store your website’s data, these have moving parts that are more likely to break and cause downtime. This is why all of our hardware is modern, including the use of Solid State Drives that have no moving parts.

Of course, some downtime has to be accounted for to carry out important maintenance such as security patches and operating system updates.

But when you take out one of our website care packages, we will do all of this for you, as well as monitor your uptime on a weekly basis, then provide you with a monthly report.

4. Poor Security

website hosting security

A good web hosting provider should always be delivering as much security as possible. If you find your site being the victim of vicious attacks then it doesn’t have enough protection and you need to upgrade.

Your website visitors also need to feel safe, so having an SSL Certificate is essential. Most sites require users to enter information, so you have to keep that personal data secure.

Sites without one will be marked as “not secure” in the address bar, which users will trust much less, and so will Google.

Search engines will steer it’s/your customers away from any sites that do not have an SSL Certificate in place.

5. Your Website Needs Space to Grow

website growth

Lot’s of business owners do not consider the additions they will need on their hosting as the website really picks up in the future.

As your business grows, so will your website. More products, images, videos, and blogs will all begin to accumulate over time. These all take up space on your hosting server’s memory, when you run out you will need to upgrade.

Another thing to consider is number of email accounts, as your team grows each indicidual will need their own email address. Some website hosting packages restrict how many email accounts you can use.

Of course, this is not an issue if you have a package with us, because we provide unlimited SSD web storage & unlimited emails, unlike other providers that may charge you for the privilege of extras.

This helps to future-proof your business, giving you unlimited capacity to grow and expand.

6. You Need Bandwith for Apps

mobile apps

If your business has or is planning to have a web-based or mobile app you are going to need more bandwidth than a standard site.

Bandwidth is the motorway to your website and the transfer of data from the web-based app, to the user will take up some off that allotted bandwidth.

If your app becomes popular, with lots of traffic, bandwidth can be used up super quick!

This also applies to mobile apps, they will be connected to a websites database to expand features and store the data of the users. Again, tapping into the websites bandwidth.

7. Your Hosting Is Getting Too Expensive

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If hosting providers start charging you for extras that should already be included in a good hosting package, such as bandwidth and drive space, the bill can soon start racking up.

In this situation, rather than having lots of add-ons to a basic package, it usually works out cheaper to upgrade your whole subscription to one that has all the features you require from the off.

Do your calculations first, compare your current hosting plus add-ons to an upgraded hosting package with everything you need – you may just have a shock.

8. The Customer Support Is Poor

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If you aren’t fluent in hosting jargon or your website goes down, you will need some technical support along the way.

You rightly so will expect your technical support to be there when you need them the most, if they aren’t then it’s time to change/upgrade your website hosting provider.

This is why we have UK-Based support and we always get to know our customers, to build a great personal relationship so we can be with you every step of the way.


A strong online presence needs to be at the core of your business, to support that you need reliable, fast and efficient website hosting.

It also need to be future-proof and flexible, so that the growth of your business isn’t restricted by your hosting package.

Here at JWhost, we have taken the time to understand the requirements of online businesses and the pitfalls of other providers, so that we can provide the very best web hosting services at affordable prices.

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