Why You (Yes You) Need Our JWHost WordPress Hosting

In under the time it takes to boil the kettle…

Salons Hosting Provider

Why Salons Need Our Hosting

Having an online presence in 2021 is vital for a business survival let online success. 

We at JWHost get that you are amazing at what you do & deprive your customers of your talent trying to learn an over complicated, lacking and just confusing website builder. 

We give you a simple, straightforward & speedy hosting package with unlimited resources for one easy price. 

So that you have more time doing what you love! 

Let's Cut The Small Talk

Hate Hidden Costs? So do we!

We created JWHost so that we could offer our clients the complete and best package possible for WordPress that only a you could dream of until today, the moment in which you are reading this very text. 

We can give you all the geeky features to make your website 

  • Super fast, reliable and unlimited storage for your website. No Restrictions 
  • A Dashboard that doesn’t feel like a gameshow to understand
  • Back ups to ensure your website has a stunt double 
  • Complete management that can be done form your dashboard, say goodbye to 1000 Google tabs
  • Brand mail accounts that market your business with every sent email
  • This is just the start of a long list of features cooler than the artic circle


Best part? We are proud to offer this package for only £9.99 a month! That is less than some Netflix subscriptions, a bands CD that you only listen to so people think you are cool or the takeaway you are thinking about buying because you don’t want to cook tonight. 

Keep Scrolling if you need more convincing (99% already signed up by this point)

It's Faster Than The Flash

The JWHost WordPress Hosting platform is 100% SSD (for our non tech nerds translation: it means limits in which data can load is super quick). Built by our WordPress experts, it includes hosting features perfect for WordPress users: a website speed-focused plugin, WordPress staging, a WordPress Tools dashboard and more wrapped up in a clean and easy to understand interface.   

Get Tomorrows Technology At An Affordable Cost

Create the site that leaves your customers wowed by more than just your offering 


Super-fast WordPress Edge Cache Engine

Our WordPress platform sits behind a pre-configured NGINX edge cache system: StackCache. It speeds up page loading for users. Although it works straight out of the box, advanced users might want to manage the cached content themselves. The StackCache plugin interface inside WordPress allows this.

Managed Automatic Updates With Management Packages

When you sign up to our website care package, our service will ensure your WordPress install gets the latest versions and patches as soon as they’re available. This helps prevent you becoming vulnerable to bugs or exploits. We also include a plugin firewall to filter-out malicious requests.


Daily Snapshots Using Timeline Backups

Timeline Backups are there to protect your website data. They are part of our management package. They take daily backups of your WordPress site and database, allowing you to restore back to that time. This helps if you’ve been hacked – or if you’ve made a serious mistake, like deleting something you shouldn’t!

Wordpress Tools

WordPress Tools

WordPress Tools is a set of control panel features that make developing and managing websites easier. It was created by the JWHost team, so we’re able to offer it at no extra cost with all our WordPress Hosting (NO HIDDEN COSTS). 

WordPress Staging

Develop your website with confidence, using our powerful one-click WordPress staging tool.

Staging creates an exact clone of your live site, where you can test and play with your websites design without it effecting what the rest of the world sees! Once you are happy with your changes, you can easily deploy it to then replace what is out there for the rest of the world.

wordpress staging2
wordpress themes icon

Theme Management

No need to go into the WordPress dashboard: update, activate or deactivate themes from My JWHost.

wordpress checksum icon

WordPress Checksum Report

Stay secure with a one-click check that your WordPress core files haven’t been modified.

wordpress settings icon

WordPress Settings: Site ID & URLs

Quickly insert or update variables – title, tagline and URL – of your WordPress website(s).

wordpress users icon

User Management

Manage all your users – including roles and permissions – from our WordPress Tools suite.

wordpress plugins icon

Plugin Management

View, modify and update all your plugins through our elegant, fuss-free user interface.

wordpress reinstall icon

Reinstall WordPress

Start afresh with new WordPress install ready for you to begin developing a new site.


The UK’s Most Trusted Web Host

All WordPress Hosting Plans Include







Accountancy Learning

Using JWHost has been a breeze, the on boarding process was so simple – the team took care of practically everything! The interface is really easy to navigate, and with the website care plan I can ask for changes on any of my websites and they’re done usually same day! I much prefer JWHost to my old hosting provider – plus keeping everything with one team is a lot easier.

Prue Deane

Scottish Shutters

We have worked with the team for a long time now, rebuilding websites and other parts of our online marketing effort. We’ve recently took advantage of moving all of our websites from various hosting providers to JWHost and I must say, the process has been so easy. It’s given me peace of mind that rather than having to wait to speak to a rep from our old hosting provider, which can sometimes take a while, I can just give the JWHost team a message and my issues are resolved straight away. I also have my websites on the care plan which has saved me a lot of time and money in changes to my web pages.

David Browne